Headed into the new album tomorrow, until then and thanks for the love on this one! Always interesting to witness the afterlife these things can take.

Feel like at this point I basically live in Seattle

Had to revisit some TFOT to prepare for the next album

Four years though? All apologies.

Okay, just making up for lost time here, feeling guilty.

How many years has it been? Shit. Anyway!

Only been two years. Taking a revisit to an old style trying to pick two in the future. Spacepig!

Who’s counting? Thought a lot about time travel over this one.

Oh shit it’s been a minute hi. Spacepig!

Wanna know a secret? I may love drawing dogs. That being said, here’s dear sweet spacedog. I’ve missed you too. How are things? Great! Glad to hear it. How are you? Wonderful. Good job you. Hello?

Okay holy fucking shit I can finally knock this guy off the bucket list!

Ah! It’s been a minute aye? Well here’s an update of a dead idea. Went a different direction I’ll soon share but had the chance to design an album cover for an all time favorite band of mine, The Fall Of Troy. More to come from this body of work soon, so keep an eye on it.

Must be the season of the witch! Wrapping up a thing or two for the (super top secret) project. Play nice and I’ll share a skate deck soon! Hope all’s uh well uh hi uh hello hey uh.

Skullz for days! More sketches for the up and coming round of (super top secret) this year. Working on some cat criminals as we speak. Don’t trust em.

Warming up for another round of (super top secret)! Headed back into the everwonderful world, with Jordan Buckley as this years main man. Can’t express how excited I am to make this shit neat. Day one, we’ll see.

Seeing all these new followers, thanks for making me happy, and taking a look-see into this work, and you're gorgeous. So here's an update for you! An. Ar. Get. It? Hi there. Sup? How are ya?

Playing around with letters this week. How are you?

Just for good measure, here's another that just wrapped for Truth x Vans. Eight Snake, right? Thanks for taking a look, sweetheart.